Rustiq Technology

Performance, reliability, productivity.


Software Design

All stages of software development lifecycle are covered from requirements gathering to deployment. Our domains are distributed systems including blockchain, serverless, high-performance and edge computing, cryptography and machine learning.

Testing and Verification

Various kinds of tests are performed, from simple unit tests, through advanced property-based tests, to complex integration tests. Test coverage is computed. Formal methods are used in special cases such as analysis of communication protocols or encryption.

Debugging and Benchmarking

When complex issues cannot be solved by penetration testing, we can take a deeper dive and apply state-of-the art debugging tools.
Benchmarking allows to make realistic predictions about performance in production. Performance bottlenecks can be removed in a timely manner.

Security Analysis

Complex systems are designed or assessed for cybersecurity based on up-to-date industry standards and latest security research.

Demos and Presentations

Users are provided with comprehensive documentation and demos. Targeted presentations to specialist audiences help achieving the network effect.

Blockchain Infrastructure

We participate in various open-source community initiatives in blockchain. Our public validator nodes a part of the Solana network.


Rustiq is a small software engineering lab leveraging the power of the advanced programming language Rust in key areas including distributed systems, cryptography and artificial intelligence.

We deliver high-performance, reliable software without sacrificing productivity. Performance, reliability and productivity are all hallmarks of the Rust language, ecosystem and tooling.