Rustiq Solana Validator

The company has been fully committed to staking blockchains since 2018. We have been involved in design, development and operations of staking protocols built on Ethereum, Substrate and other blockchains.

We recognised the unique proposition of Solana and, starting from 2020, we stake on Solana and offer our staking service to the public.

How to Stake

To ensure your stake remains decentralised, stake as much as possible on validators below the 33% cut line . That is where you'll find the Rustiq validator.

It is advisable to split the delegated stake between 5-10 different validators in different locations.

Take a note of our vote account address GB44NXtM7zGm6QnzQjzHZcRKSswkJbox8aJsKiXGbFJr .

Create a stake account and delegate using the supported wallets . You can use the CLI tools or the SolFlare wallet .

Reach out vkomenda#2197 on Solana Discord. DM in case of any questions.